star wars fur

faux fur

faux fur and cargo pants

khaki cargo pants

faux fur

|Faux Fur Coat & Cargo Pants: H&M | Crop Top: Forever 21 | Shoes: LuLu’s |

I bought this faux fur a couple years back when I was in NYC for Teen Vogue’s Fashion University. It was at the kick off event for the weekend held downtown at H&M. There were “mock”tails, a live band, fashion editors, bloggers…it was DOPE. I was 19, maybe 20, at the time.
I hardly wear it but whenever I find myself lingering towards the back end of my closet, I’ll see it…& it makes me think of that weekend. The people I met, being inside the Condé Nast building, meeting the editors, walking around NYC…it was a fun weekend. 🙂