Velvet Steez


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Nothing says the holidays like velvet.

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Bond Girl

Green Asos Maxi Dress With Thigh Slit
Green Asos Maxi Dress With Thigh Slit
Green Asos Maxi Dress With Thigh Slit

Every girl has that one dress in her closet that makes her feel damn good. It’ll fit like a glove, hit all the right curves, and make you feel like a million bucks. This here is mine!
I  always joke & say it how it makes me feel like a bond girl. 😉

Being me, I decided to toughen up the look a bit with a camo jacket. I never take my style too seriously so it’s always fun for me to mix up my girly pieces with a bit of a tomboyish flare.

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First Post!

free-people-sweater-dress   free-people-sweater-dress-2


It’s that time of the year again, sweater weather!
Or maybe I should say, sweater dress weather? Haa. This Free People dress manages to be casual, chic and most importantly comfy! All of my favorite things when it comes to having to step out, especially the latter. 😉

I’ve had this bag forever (3+years) and it still one of my favorites! I got it from Pendleton’s online store, I’m in loveeee with all the patterns they use.

All hair products use are from Cream of Nature’s Argan line. Their Pure-Licious Co-Wash was the first proper co-wash I’ve ever used and I get the hype. Living in such a dry climate in Colorado, my curls need all the moisture they can get. Their co-wash and leave in conditioner combined are heaven sent, helping to preserve & maintain moisture. Plus, they smell so so sooooo good.

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